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About us


We are Lifestyle Fetishists who created this platform... 

With Fetishists in Mind regardless of your Fetish,Race, Gender or Beliefs


Currently Involved with several Skilled individuals and groups at all levels

of the Fetish Community with ongoing events and projects.

We are helping to dispel the negative stereotypes that give a false impression of 

what the alternative community is really about.

Showing the Fetish community in a positive light to the mainstream public, 

through our Extensive Knowledge and decades of experiences.

Present in all different aspects of the Alternative Life Style 

therefore having the skill set, expertise and exhaustive resources

within the fetish community ,  We  educate ,

interact in all different aspects of the Alternative Life Style.

We Inform the true Dynamic of BDSM and Fetish Play rather than

the altered reality of Images of Pain, Torture and Abuse

often seen thorough the internet

Focused on the empowerment, sensuality, deep intimacy, 

genuine emotional commitment felt by the participants.

We achieve the Right Balance between the Everyday and Alternative Life.

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