"The Female Response to the Most Depraved & Perverted Male Mind " 

BDSM is more than a way of life ... it is a state of mind that  I can relate 24/7 as Marquise...

A sadistic and talented  Dominatrix and  Fetish Lifestyle Coach.

Also a Fetish Lifestyle Consultant  / Therapist ... With a Health and Beauty Consultant professional background.

l traveled for the past few years ... to Paris / London / Europe and Various Locations.

I am a Strict  Dominatrix Sadist ... HardCore ... hence the name "Marquise" (Female Version of Marquis) ...

in relation to Marquis de Sade.

I have read and understood the Masterpieces of Marquis de Sade quite early in life then discovered

the true meaning of S&M: The dynamic behind it.

Alpha female who loves to explore the kinkier side of BDSM with the Slave or Submissive or Play Partner

or Client when I Coach BDSM.

Demanding, professional and eloquent Lady. I also have a lot of respect for my submissive and

the people I meet in the Alternative Fetish community.

I really do take pride in what I do. It is a different experience every time; Either Mind-blowing or else ...

We are Unique Our Play ... Our Rules...

Our BDSM Embrace it with me.

BDSM  to me it is an everyday lifestyle and has nothing to do with sexual  favors  or fucking "Catwoman" in Latex,

It's more about 

exploring unconventional territories and pushing boundaries and achieving a goal of understanding the dynamic and

reasons behind it,

it is about acceptance, life balance, self-control power ... all kinds of feelings ... MindFuck above all!

You will never be the same … It's an Addictive "Feel Good Factor"...

After a hard day at work a Therapeutic BDSM Session ….To forget the world and ready to have some selfish "Me Time"

Indeed My Motto "Work HARD ... Then FUCK Harder!" take a truthful meaning here. ! 

Unwind and Re-Boost your Mindset, Like a Vacation from yourself... a  StayCation Factor and creating different and

secret special memories.

Zero Limits only a Few Boundaries My Motto ...You Work Hard ...Then Play Harder...Embrace your BDSM ... Your Kinks,

Fetishes, Depravity ...YES FUCK IT … Life is too short!... Carpe Diem all the way!

The crazy Fantasies, Fetishes and Weird desires that are truly unique per individual ...

There are NO Limits ... only the one We set together!  Let`s Play ... Game ON!

I excel at RolePlay, FearPlay , MindFuck ...  Your Depravity is MY PLAYGROUND  ... 

I was born a Female but CAN really relate to Men (BiG BraiN) when it comes to Sexuality ...

Especially Unconventional Thoughts or Secrets, Desires & Fantasy ... 

I know what turns you on or off ... what you are made Of ... 

YES, I  REALLY do understand your Needs or Fears … Let me guide you on a journey of Self Discovery.

ALWAYS Be TRUTHFUL and Brutally HONEST WITH ME, This is the KEY  of a Great SESSION and to avoid any

 Misconceptions ...or Deluded Scenario ... You may encounter on some ONLINE  or heavily edited Porn Sites. 

When you schedule a Session with Me... You have all my attention and discretion that is required,

I am not your judge or executioner ...but more like your "non Judgmental" Lady Therapist.

There is nothing impossible to achieve ...You are my focus ...  My Partner in crime and My Success Story.

My goal is to offer you the best experience that you deserve to get ... Therefore... 

I expect total honesty and be as thorough as possible when you enquire about a session. 

Rest assured, Do not be shy, All  Emails /Texts / Client Data are Private and Confidential and

under no circumstances will be revealed to a third party.

Are you willing to explore and conquer your taboos, fears, and fantasies or test your limits? Relinquish your control?...

then... How far will you go?

Can you face Challenges ...Do you have a High Threshold?  ... Can You follow orders or Directions ...

No questions asked? Embrace this Experience.

I will push your buttons and bring you out of your comfort zone... and further if required.

Communication between us is important and necessary to ensure a Mind-Blowing Experience.

I do take great pride in my role as a Dominant Lady and Love the Power Exchange that occurs between

two people during Sessions ...

There is Fusion ... Trust ... and other feelings that words can not describe.

I enjoy everything I do and will listen to your desires and fantasies and use my skills to explore your fetish and

turn them into reality if possible.

Always mindful of your limits, but I will push you to where you need to go ...  Follow my lead.

I am YOUR BDSM PARTNER ...Your Dirty Secret ...  Your Marquise ... Your Partner in Crime ...

I am  The Female response to your Unspoken fantasies and wildest dreams and nightmares. Play with me Because ...

I AM Your Nemesis...

Your success Story …Your Muse ... Your Boss ... Your Secret ….Your Therapist.

ARE  you READY? ….  To go on A  BDSM  JOURNEY  … Brace YOURSELF it is Highly Addictive and Mind-Blowing...

Feel Good Factor ...

Adrenaline Rush ... Natural Dopamine ... MindFuck.

I will CONTROL YOUR BODY & MIND … Do You have what it takes... Mental Strength, High Threshold … Fearless...

Or are you a NEWBIE or ERUDITE? If you have what it takes to serve  "Marquise"  then you can Book Online Now

I am a Cruel and Sadistic but talented European Dominatrix...  But MY  BDSM ... is NOT about SEX but About Power and

Achievements, self-control, every feeling good or bad that anyone can relate to.

The  demeanor or accomplishments behind the  BDSM dynamic is extremely therapeutic and as Your Mistress,

I will Educate you into my world ...

You will be following Guidance & Command, and follow me into the Rabbit hole ... For a better understanding and

a journey of Self Discovery. 


I enjoy everything I do and will listen to your desires and fantasies and process them in due time.



Here is a list of services I offer, and more not listed ... upon special Requests:

Ballbusting, Beat downs, Bondage, Boot Worship, Bondage, Breathplay, Cage confinement, Candle Wax,

Physical Torture, Interrogation Scenario, Caning, CBT, Corporal Punishment, Chastity Device,  Key Holder Service,

Face Slapping, Latex, Flogging, Foot Worship, Forced Feminization, Forced Bisexuality, Gags, Hoods,

Humiliation, Kicking, Rough Massage, Mummification, Nipple torture, Pressure points, Punching, Slavery, Puppy play,

Pet Play, Restraints, Roleplay,  Rape Play, Kidnap Play, Rope Bondage, Rubber hoods, Shaving Sensory deprivation,

Shaving, Sissy training, Slave training, Smothering, Spanking, Spitting, Suspension, Tickling, Tie and Tease, Trampling,

Vibrators, Violet wand, Waxing, Whipping, . . . and more ...

Any Paraphilia or Bizarre or Special Fetish Will be Considered with Impartiality, Discretion, and obviously

 practical Thoughts and Feasibility... Hence Email me your Special Request.

Get in touch with me for Any BDSM Sessions You may have in Mind if NOT LISTED HERE

Hardcore / Stay Over / Married Men / Adult Industry Friends / Video & Photo Shoots       

I am also available for DOUBLE Domination sessions with other`s Mistresses ( Price on Request ) 


500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158



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