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What is the dress code?

Acceptable attire is as follows:

Latex/Rubber, Leather, Wet-look, Vinyl/PVC, Spandex/Nylon, Uniforms, Goth, Kinky Drag,Costume Play,  any Fetish and Fursona/Otherkin ...
Absolutely no jeans, street wear of any kind (even all black), or regular club wear.

We are looking for unusual, provocative, kinky outfits, so get creative! We like the WoW factor.And as a general rule of thumb, if you can get away with wearing it to brunch with your mother... well  you won’t get through the doors.

Dress up or stay home! Don’t let yourself down or our crowd! Even if you bought your tickets in advance,

you will be turned away if you do not arrive in fetish attire. If you are unsure if your outfit will meet the criteria,

feel free to send an email . 

 Why is there a dress code?

Aside from creating an atmosphere and the obvious eye-candy, we believe that enforcing a dress code creates a level playing field. No one has to feel embarrassed about wearing fetish fashion if everyone else is too. It’s our way of making sure that everyone there is part of the scene, and didn’t just wander in by accident. This also is helpful when you accidentally bump into a co-worker or a friend who does not know about your other self!



What is the bare minimum?

If you have to ask, don’t bother showing up. Our parties/events are not about the “bare minimum” anything.

Raise your bar if you want to be part of the fun. So If you are new to the events, or just don’t know where to start,

drop us an email



Is nudity allowed?

No. The venues we host our parties at do not allow for full nudity. Genitals of both men and women must be totally covered, and the nipple/areola of women must be covered as well. Keep the junk under control

What can I expect?

Fetish Fantastic events/marches are like none other, you can expect to find your fetish family with us. Our community is full of friendly and genuine kinksters that are at the heart and core of our fetish parties. Behind all the glitz and glam, there are real people that share a mutual interest- kink. Whether it’s the latex lover from Amsterdam, or the newbie from Milwaukee, or the NYC Emo-club kid, you’re sure to find someone to dance, play, or share a drink with. 

Etiquette in our Events

Here at Fetish Fantastic, we like to promote a safe, sane, and consensual atmosphere for all of our guests/marchers.

Please be familiar with our rules as shown below. Not knowing the rules is no excuse for breaking them.

Everyone will be held accountable for their behavior.

  • No photography of any kind at parties, we have official photographers in the venue. The marches are not restricted, we encourage instagram pics, tweets and facebook posts

  • If it’s not yours, don’t touch it – this goes for both people and gear.

  • No sex or simulated sex. (If it looks like sex, then it’s sex)

  • No drugs – don’t ask for them; don’t sell them.

  • No edge play. This includes breath play, blood play, fire play, knife play, etc.

  • No watersports or scat

  • Use common sense and don’t be an asshole! Some things go without saying, just be respectful or you're gone.

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