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Take The City Back By The Balls!



                                  Welcome to Fetish Exhibition aka FETxibition.

                                 This event was specifically created by the Fetishists, Rubberists and wonderful people who felt that it was needed                                  by the  Fetish  Community. Nowadays it is not very easy to meet our peers with our busy work/family schedules. .                                  Often some of us don't get the opportunity to live fetishes out in the open without any consequences than                                           attending priced Kinky Events. FETxibition is the right answer: Free, Friendly and Fun!

Alternative clothing: Latex, Leather, Rubber, Fetishism in mind we are"Taking The City Back By The Balls!".

Indeed, we proudly fly high our fetish flag. We are coming out in the city always dressed to impress with style and flair Fashion Latex  or  Rubber and Cosplay. Anything "Fetish or Alternative" without nudity or exposed genitalia.

We march at a friendly pace to a scheduled route with several waypoints.

The march is our "Pride and Joy "to showcase and "Exhibit"our differences together.

We implement the dress code as"Strictly Fetish"deliberately for the specialized event, NO street clothes whatsoever;

furthermore the enforced dress code differentiate us with any kind of protest or propaganda, other marches. 

Celebrating our differences together in harmony, it is our "time to shine" during the all FETxibition Events. 

We can be ourselves amongst civilians in city daylight. Always on our best behavior; we aim to be respected, understood but never feared by the general public.

The FETxibition events proceeds as follows: 

  1. Fetish Fantastic moderators Introduce themselves   

  2. Meet & Greet at a specific time and location

  3. Gather the participants

  4. Brief the timing, route & waypoints

  5. Inform about Safety, Rules & Regulations

  6. Participants Q & A

  7. Start the FETxibition March




During the march, Onlookers simultaneously talks to us as they take photographs of participants; also often naively  asking questions about the divergent "Fetish" and "Alternative Lifestyle" purpose and  dynamic.

This is a great opportunity to rectify and adjust the stigmas and false ideas about our Community.  

​At Fetish Fantastic.COM, we gracefully inform, educate, introduce ourselves to the general population with a polite, truthful and never sugar-coated language.

We thrive everyday through life`s challenges, to be nobody else than ourselves yesterday, today and tomorrow.

FETxibition POSTER
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