Marquise was born in France (South West).

 The Youngest of two Siblings; From an early age, Marquise was Clever, Autodidact, Self-confident,

Artistic, and a Natural-Born Leader with a growing thirst an insatiable  Appetite To Learn & Achieve,

To Conquer then Tame every one of Life`schallenges.

     Very Creative Artistic Mind with a Natural Flair for Fashion, Beauty, and Design. 

she then Qualified as a Professional Stylist in Health & Beauty. 

     Charismatic Young Marquise grew up in a Good, Stable, and Happy Family Environment.

           Smart with a Strong Demeanor associated with Leadership and good Social Skills. 

    Marquise went from a Modeling career/Beauty Therapist/Stylist in Paris then

                   Relocated  To London. She Lived in London for Most of Her Life Until

                          She Permanently moved to the USA in early 2018.    

    As a True Epicurean, She has Traveled Extensively in Europe and Different Parts of the World,

 Essentially to Savor other Cultures and Acquire Knowledge through Life experiences. 

         Ambidextrous by Nature With Special Interest in Human Behavior, Mental Health

      She has studied Abnormal Psychology and Mental Disorders as an Autodidact.

                   Over the Past Years, She created several Successful Salons

  Successful and Accomplished as a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant/Coach, 

               She is currently pursuing her Career as a Professional Dominatrix. 

      Marquise's Journey within the Alternative Fetish Lifestyle began in Paris (France)

          as a Young Adult, She has immersed Herself into the BDSM World of Debauchery and Perversity.

      She was Educated, Mentored  all the Protocols, Savoir Faire, and Etiquette of Old School BDSM

                              by an Amazing Parisian Dominatrix (Maitresse).

                                             Marquise BDSM Journey Evolved in London (UK) after Actively Engaging with the London Fetish Scene for many Years,

She embraced her Destiny as a Pro Dominatrix, House Dominatrix 

             For Private Events, Fetish Event Organizer and  Hostess.

     Well known in the BDSM / Fetish Community in Europe, She Has Many Friends and acquaintances,

Fetish Connections with Professionals of the BDSM Scene/Adult Industry.

   Through the Years Marquise has acquired an Exhaustive Repertoire of Fetish Skills. 

        Gifted with Her Unique Perverse Imagination... She is always open to New Challenges.

  Professional Life

Marquise BDSM has Few Limits and very Few Boundaries,

Strict Female DOMINATRIX Sadist, and HardCore PsychoBitch.

"The Female Response to the Most Depraved & Perverted Male Mind!"


                          She has recently relocated to NYC from London (UK) where she enjoyed an international clientele.

She embraces Fetishism/BDSM as a Dominatrix and organizes private events as a Performer/Artist.

Marquise is also a consultant for alternative lifestyles within the BDSM / Fetish community for private clients.


She is a genuine very professional International Dominatrix who dominates, tames, teaches mostly males,

but also can be consulted to advise couples on BDSM dynamics in relationships.

She lives & Breathes BDSM 24/7 as an Alpha Female always dressed in Latex, or with a fashion-forward sense.

Are you willing to explore and conquer your taboos, fears, and fantasies or test your limits and relinquish your control?

How far will you go?

Embrace the Experience and she will push your limits and bring you out of your comfort zone.

“My BDSM is NOT about SEX but About Power and Achievement, Self-Control, every feeling, good or bad that anyone can relate to. The demeanor of accomplishments behind the BDSM dynamic is extremely therapeutic and as Your Mistress, 

I will Educate and guide You into my World... You will be following my Guidance or Command and

follow me down the Rabbit hole... For a better understanding and a journey of Self Discovery.”

Strap on Play, BallBusting, Ass Training, Corporal Punishment, Slave Training, Roleplay, Extreme Fetish Play are just a few of the many and varied types of scenes and activities that Marquise enjoys when dealing with her slaves and submissives,

From time to time, she also teaches or mentors futures Dominant; This can also include Sissification,

Chastity Training & Keyholding for those looking for a more continual relationship.

Marquise is a very open-minded, legitimate, and accomplished Dominatrix.

Check out her website for much more comprehensive details of Her Domination preferences and approach, 

You can find out more details and apply to be Dominated by Marquise in New York or other cities she travels to.