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Professionals within the Community 

We Can help You to Start or Pursue Your Journey into the Alternative Fetish Lifestyle

Kink starts within...

Let's talk about how we can help you become your best kinky self.

Do you want to change but don't know how and where?

Because real change, in yourself, in the community, and the world starts with that Transformation within yourself.

Realizing your desires and acting on them.

We help fetishists connect or reconnect with their kinky hearts and souls.

We are here to help with:

  1. Communication and other interpersonal skills improvement 

  2. Self-development, looking for (and finding) happiness and satisfaction in your life  

  3. Self-esteem development, confidence

  4. Changing your habits etc...

  5. Managing family values with Fetishism

  6. Fetishism in a Corporate World

  7. Balancing family / work with alternative lifestyle

  8. Understanding, practicing the specifics desires in your life

  9. Mental Health and Fetishism 

  10. The Goal, The course of Action, The Results


A lot of research has been done on why kinky people fail to realize their potential, across the studies the main reasons why kinky fail include:


  • Difficulty balancing the kink vs vanilla life

  • Not being aware of the people and resources in their surrounding community and using them to help you experience the community

  • Poor interpersonal relationships within that community due to lack of exposure or contact

  • Poor self-confidence due to self-image issues (weight, appearance, age)

  • Dealing with a non-supportive spouse or family that does not embrace or tolerate your fetish and actively discourages it

  • Guilt or remorse issues brought on by pressure from family or peers to conform to their ideals of what they would consider social norms or behavior and are not willing to embrace differences outside of those constraints


All of these directly link back to the kinky person's ability to handle his/her own emotional state and personal mastery of their kink and life.

Dealing with such intolerance over time takes a heavy emotional toll. We will help you deal with this with encouragement and understanding.

We assist you with the improvement of your self-perception and self-confidence and how you see yourself and your place in the fetish community.


We engineer high-quality conversations that emerge from a foundation of trust, which is the product of intent, authenticity, and competence.


Being kinky is not about what you know but about how you relate to others, and the relationships are determined by the quality of the conversations you have with people in the alternative community.

Being kinky is personal and requires you to be able to trust yourself first. Allow yourself to feel emotions, cravings and wants without guilt or remorse.

Actually, We are the main reason fetishists hire us (alternative life coach/counselor) is to have a fixed point and a clear understanding in a busy schedule

then they can take a step back to reflect.

We explore the underlying layers of your busy minds, take advantage of opportunities and options, and step back into the alternative community stronger and better able to cope in a changing environment.

We support a fetishist in a transition that requires the kinkster to step out of their comfort zone, for example when taking on a new role or

going through a significant change one must be able to adapt and overcome certain challenges.

We are here to help you accept those challenges as part of a natural progression toward realizing your fetish dreams.

These are NOT as roadblocks to your happiness, they are just there to help you grow stronger as you gain trust and confidence.

We strongly believe that to be kinky you must be connected to your heart, mind, and soul. That connection is essential to realizing who your are inside,

We help you find and develop those insights.


You are driven by meaningful ideas that resonate deeply within you, the progressive realization of it makes you excited and ready to move on with your fetish journey. We will help you to reach your highest potential.


When you lead from within can you create positive and sustainable change in your own fetish life, for your community,

your organization and maybe even help to shape society?


We will help you tackle your personal challenges and We believe that to do this you must step back from the daily grind,

explore the undercurrents of your mind, discover and examine what emerges, reflect, analyze and gain new insights.

Then you can step back into the community with more clarity and fierce resolve to create change within yourself and how others see you.


We work within your schedule. Our goal is to help you become the fetish person you wish to be in your heart of hearts.


The engagements are variable and can last days, weeks or months. Paid Weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

We can work face-to-face (travel expenses must be paid in advance) or using online tools like Skype for smaller fees.


We support you in finding clarity about your kinky identity. On the way to joy, success, and balance in private and your kinky life.


Through our coaching, we work with individuals assisting them to awaken their personal potential.

Coaching, facilitating experiential personal transformation experiences so they can live, love with clarity, with purpose and finally with passion.

To Face life from a position of strength. Learn how to face Life with Self- Love, Compassion, Self- Care and Gratitude and move gracefully

from KNOWING what is good for you to actually DOING what is good for you.

We are available for any questions you may have, Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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