Booking Process for first time applicants

    SESSION REQUEST for first-time applicants     


1. ​Email me

2. Fill up this Form

3. Covid-19 Safety Mesures

    Wait for my response (usually 48 to 72Hrs)

What are Your Expectations in a BDSM session with me? Be BRUTALLY honest.

Be Thorough as possible in order to have an amazing experience Together. Play your fantasy and embrace it with me.

I really enjoy been in an atmosphere of mutual trust with persons with whom I share Fetish interests in BDSM.

You would become my Partner in Crime, after a while, It's A BDSM Relationship Its Our Dirty Secret during our time together.

BDSM is more than a way of life, It is all I know... And What I Do! 


I regard communication as Essential and I request you to be brutally honest in your correspondence.

Please Do NOT be Shy Or Afraid to explain your Request... as Crazy or inappropriate it may seem, I am Not Here To Judge You...                                  but To guide you and Help You discover Yourself through BDSM as a Therapy for your Well-being.

I am a good listener and I DO UNDERSTAND your Fetishes and  Fantasy in BDSM and of course the Psycho Dynamic behind it.

From a Psyche Evaluation..., I can easily paint your Psycho-sexual portrait and create sessions perfectly tailored to your Psychology, state of mind and create a realistic scenario accordingly.

This screening procedure is important to me, therefore you must follow these instructions:


  • Your first and Last name whether real or alias ie: PaulSmith2018 -So that I can identify you.

  • The city/country where you live.

  • A telephone Number/Email  

  • Your preferred Date and Timing to Book a session, If Your schedule is not Flexible PLEASE let me know

  • Whom you have served or Level of Experience in BDSM if any.

  • Your Fetish/BDSM interests and the activities you would like to explore with me.

  • Your health problems if you have any (also medications taken).

  • Whether you have any limitations Physically (issues who would restrict your range of movement or positions)

  • Any other Health condition (ie: Diabetes) I should be aware of, in order to assure your Safety and Well Being during our session.

  • PLEASE Do not send photos 

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