BDSM, Fetish & Your Kinky Therapist...

...Let the Journey Begin! 

It's easy to welcome all clients regardless of their sexual preferences, practices, or identities

because I work with clients who identify as “deviant” for practising BDSM or particular sexual fetishes.

I know that the spectrum of sexualities is wide and there are so many varieties of ways to find pleasure, satisfaction and relief in alternative sexual practices.

People with sexuality within the BDSM dynamics are judged and wrongfully pathologized by therapists

or mental health workers for sharing their sexual curiosities, activities or preferences. 

I have been in various therapies, talk therapies, psychiatrists, psychologists or mental health workers.

In all these years I have never met a Professional Medical Practitioner with the knowledge

BDSM and human nature that I acquired through my profession.

Therefore I can relate, understand and help you to be the person you want to be.

Being in therapy myself I had to educate my therapist "Dr John"

about what I do as a Dominatrix: he was fascinated but slightly chuckled when I showed him photos.

When attending weekly sessions, Dr John's focus diverted towards BDSM, my clients and my work as a "Dominatrix" rather than the issue that brought me to therapy, to begin with. Basically, I was giving him a free crash course!

Even with all the crusty details, he could not fathom the idea of our people's fetishes or lifestyles.


Dr John was laughing and didn't grasp what we all experienced as "deviants" and our different ways to express ourselves in sexuality, in our open alternative lifestyle or hidden in vanilla relationships.

I always felt the need to self-educate and research mental illnesses as my deep desires were so far from "the norm".

To enjoy and successfully practice the Dominant/Submissive special relationship, Latex fetish amongst others;

made me question my sanity at the beginning of my journey. Therefore I consulted a Psychiatrist and had Talk Therapy for several years. 

When I first enrolled in "Psychology foundations" The first thing our tutor told us... "There is no Normality!"

(it's a Social concept... blah blah blah) I was convinced and ready to conquer the BDSM world of depravity.

I already knew I was a natural dominatrix deep inside, I embraced it and never turned back.

As a professional Dominatrix, I am not always dressed in Latex with a whip in my hand!

Under the Beautiful Shiny Latex catsuit, there is also a human being who thinks, feels and relate to you as a therapist.


Food for thought:  My Motto is "Carpe Diem" 


In my own words:   " NO I'm not Bipolar, I am Tri-polar and Fuck You!"


Finally, through the years and now I have decided to live the life I want to live,

Logotherapy & Therapy saved me from myself, it worked for me to comprehend myself and help others.