Your Secrets are safe with me...


I am here for you...  

As a Professional Dominatrix, I can relate to many various ways in sexuality to find pleasure and satisfaction. The relief to be easily understood and not Labeled as " Deviant or Pervert"  by Ignorant  Vanilla Therapists.

Within the Kinky, BDSM or Alternative Lifestyle community;  BDSM Sexual relationships and practices are very fulfilling, sexually gratifying through Fetishism, experiences, role Play etc... It is also extremely therapeutic.

Take the opportunity to talk to me "Your Kinky Therapist" in an uncensored, nonbiased manner

without the fear of being judged or pathologized and suffering repercussions.

  • Do you have no one to talk to who "understand or relate" to your different life or sexuality?

  • Do you have particular sexual fetishes or desires that conflict with your daily life?

  • Do you want to better and understand yourself and live your life as you want to?


Your Kinky Therapist*

 You will Love to be yourself

I Can Help you with a variety of issues...

Relationships, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, OCD, Bi-Polar, PTSD, Gender ID, Coming out

Vanilla & BDSM ConflictsFetishes, Sexual Addictions, Phobias, BDSM dynamics, Self Esteem... etc

I will help you to embrace the person that you truly are: Body, Mind, Soul 

My approach can help treat life's challenges and symptoms relating to mental health and emotions

That includes :​​


I DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL TREATMENT OR MEDICATIONS, Currently working towards Therapist Certification 12/10/21.