Child on the Bed

The Early Years...

Marquise was born in Southwestern France.

Young Marquise grew up in a Good, Stable, and Happy Family Environment.

The Youngest of two Siblings she knew from an early age, that she was a Natural-Born Leader and had

an insatiable Appetite To Learn, Achieve with an unstoppable drive to Conquer, then Tame every one of Life’s challenges.

With a Unique and Creative Artistic Mind and a Natural Flair for Fashion, Beauty, and Design. 

she Qualified as a Professional Stylist in Health & Beauty arena. 

she could easily navigate any business or social gathering. 

As a True Epicurean, She enjoys Haute Cuisine,  Arts, and Traveled Extensively in Europe,

the Middle East and North America,

Essentially to Savor other Cultures and Acquire Knowledge through Life experiences.

Ambitious with Special Interest in Human Behavior and Mental Health. She has studied and researched Abnormal Psychology, Mental Disorders and Psychiatry for a better understanding of Human Behavior.

Over the Past Years, She created and ran several Successful  Hair/ Beauty Salons.

Marquise also excelled as a Successful Personal Stylist and Image Consultant/Coach as well as Lifestyle Dominatrix at times, her hobbies include Mental Health Research, All ART Forms, Designing Clothes & Brands/Projects.  

She is currently pursuing her Career Path as a Professional Dominatrix. Her  Journey within the Alternative Fetish Lifestyle began in Paris as a Young Adult and she has consistently continued her education ever since by immersing Herself into the BDSM World of Debauchery and Perversity. She was Educated and Mentored in all the Protocols,

Savoir Faire, and Etiquette of Old School BDSM by an Amazing Parisian Dominatrix (Maitresse).

Marquise`s Journey expanded in London (UK) after Actively Engaging with the London Fetish Scene for many Years, embracing her Destiny as a Professional by becoming HouseDominatrix for Private Events, and Fetish Event Organizer/Hostess. Well known in the BDSM / Fetish community in the UK and Europe, She Has Many Friends, acquaintances, and Fetish Connections with Professionals and the Elite of the BDSMScene/Adult Industry.

Through the Years Marquise has acquired an Exhaustive Repertoire of Fetish Skills and Techniques.

Gifted with Her Unique Perverse Imagination...She is always open to New Challenges and Experiences.