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        September 2020

"The Bill of Rights is not Republican, Democrat,

  or Independent.It is simply American.                                                                                                                                               

   Andrew Charles Schwoyer 08/08/2020


"If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster!"

                                                   Clint Eastwood 

MENSA BrainTeaser    HOVER for ANSWER   
A hiking group are on a five day expedition.

On the first day they cover one quarter of the total distance.

The next day they cover one quarter of what is left.

The following day they cover two fifths of the remainder and

on the fourth day half of the remaining distance.

The group now have 14 miles left, how many miles have they walked?

 Today`s Weather  

Brooklyn Photographer Is Capturing the Inspiring Signs

His Self-Isolating Neighbors Are Showing From Their Windows.

 See his work on here › stephen.lovekin


Due to Covid-19 in New York

Health experts have urged people to practice

 Social Distancing 

to help stop the spread of the virus, 

People are shuttered inside their homes across the nation and the world.

Stephen Lovekin, a New York photographer,

responded to the shutdown by taking to the streets to capture images of families at home in Ditmas Park, a neighborhood in Brooklyn

 Enjoy his  amazing and heart felt photos... Thank  You Mister Lovekin.



I.Before 1967 Israel and the Arab world were far from friends

but Israel did have one thing the Arabs loved

and that was a beer they made to export just for them.

The Arabs could not get enough of this brew

and drank it morning, noon and night.
Then the war of 1967..and the supply of beer was cutoff..

and there was panic.
How would they get their favorite beverage?

The leaders took their last can of beer

and sent it the USA to be analyzed

so they could have the formula to make it for themselves.
2 weeks later they got the result..
Dear Sirs,
We regret to inform you but your camel had diabetes... 


 ART / CGI  


                       1.1  noun

                                   A  form of sexual desire in which  gratification    

                                    is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object,

                                     item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

                                    "Victorian men developed fetishes focusing on feet,

                                      shoes, and boots"

 B D S M
 B D S M

What is BDSM?

Many couples are looking for completely new sex experiences,

but do not know or dare how to approach the still unknown BDSM world.

If you are a newcomer to the field of BDSM,

your doubts are justified in every way. 

Those who go too far or act too quickly run the risk of injuring themselves or

their partners physically or emotionally..

Even small misunderstandings between the partners can lead to injuries or

damage the relationship. 

If you follow a few rules, couples can discover, experience and

enjoy completely new sides of their sexuality and lust.

The meaning of the word BDSM is interpreted in different ways. 

The abbreviation BDSM originally comes from English. 

The letters BD stand for bondage and discipline ,

DS for domination and submission, 

SM stands for sadism and masochism, which means the pleasure in pain.

This broad and interdisciplinary expression includes various activities that adults carry out voluntarily in order to explore and discover their sexuality and preferences more deeply. 

These can be very simple activities, such as soft bondage,

a spanking session or advanced BDSM with hanging bondage

and the use of whips.

The following 10-step will help everyone who is interested in BDSM,

but still have doubts due to uncertainty. 

Those who pay attention to these points will be immersed

in the exciting world of BDSM with pleasure.

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